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Do Anti-Snoring Products Work?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Yes, they do and I’m going to tell you all about the ‘mouth guard’ otherwise known as the mandibular advancement device and why I have a problem with these over-the-counter devices.

Greg Foot from BBC Radio 4’s Sliced Bread investigated mouthguards as an option to help a listener stop snoring and improve sleep. These devices are officially known as mandibular advancement devices (MADs) and they work by gently positioning the lower jaw forward which in turn helps keep the tongue forward and opens up the airway.

Greg went to Boots to find an over the counter ‘mouthguard’. The problem that I have with these over-the-counter devices is that to get them to seat into your mouth, you need to dip them in hot water and bite down into them. These devices are known as ‘boil and bite’ devices. This method of taking a record of your teeth is not very accurate. Not only that but these types of devices are also very big and bulky which means the patient is just not going to want to wear them as they are not comfortable.

Another problem I have with these devices is that there is no-one supervising you using them. These devices need to be set in the correct position to help you reduce your snoring effectively but how do you at home know if you are in the right position? If you have gone too far forwards for example, you risk increasing side effects such as jaw aches and muscle pain. Another problem I have is that has anyone checked to make sure your teeth are even suitable for this device. Are your teeth strong enough? If you have gum disease for example and your teeth are very loose, we wouldn’t dream of making you a MAD.

Here at The London Dental Sleep Clinic we digitally scan your teeth before making a mandibular advancement device to ensure the highest level of accuracy. This means the devices are fully bespoke to your mouth and ensures the best level of comfort that we can provide. We also will have pre-screened you for sleep apnoea where loud snoring is a symptom. We will have checked your suitability for the devices, making sure your teeth and gums are healthy. Our goal is to get you comfortable, wearing the devices, reduce snoring and improve your sleep.

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